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Stasis  - Patient Monitor

FDA-Cleared Remote Monitoring System

Stasis is an FDA cleared, reimbursable patient monitoring platform that collects data to deliver insights for improved patient recovery. Stasis insights provide relevant, timely information to the clinical team to keep at-risk patients safe.

The top 5% of US hospitals have implemented complex connected monitoring systems to reduce adverse events and cost of care. Stasis enables the other 95% of healthcare providers to achieve the same outcomes through a cloud platform that is simple enough to implement in surgery centers, the home, and other areas of care.

Bedside Monitoring Redefined

Stasis measures six key vital signs in a single monitor: heart rate, blood oxygen, electrocardiogram, respiratory rate, blood pressure, and temperature.

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Intuitive Monitoring on a touchscreen.

Stasis makes it easy to customize the system per patient and automatically document vital signs to increase nursing productivity.

Remote Monitoring on all your devices.

Stasis provides access to high resolution patient charts and powerful notifications to a clinician's phone or computer.

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