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Corona Test Ambulance


This mobile testing Van can do the COVID – 19 rapid testing of COVID at site, it is mobile to do testing at different locations, can be moved to remote and crowded areas easily.
The Testing Van can be taken to locations and do the testing instead of getting suspected patients to hospitals or locations, this will save tremendous time and ease of testing
The Van is completely contactless for safety of doctors and healthcare workers which is a bigger challenge in testing of COVID - 19

Salient Features:-
Completely contact less for testing of COVID 19.

Healthcare workers will communicate with patient by speaker and mike inside the van and guide the patient
how to give and store the sample without getting in touch with the patient.
Patient will communicate by mike outside the van with Doctor

Doctor and patient will not touch or get in physical contact with each other

Corona test ambulance: About

· Easily transport the Van to remote areas for rapidly testing – Mobile Van
· Seating available for doctor and Paramedic staff + driver

· Fold-able table outside the van transport of the van
· Loudspeaker for crowd management and directions

· External lights to do testing during evening and in night also
· Air-conditioned Van.

Accessories Available:-
Pro Spike, Gloves, masks, sample box, No contact thermometer, hand sanitizer, sharp disposal box, soap,
wash basin, dustbin, waste disposal box, PPE Kit for Healthcare worker, drinking water, towels and wet
tissues, Instrument tray, medical kit, patient records holder, emergency patient transfer sheet, Isothermal
sheet, Isothermal blanket, Hirvin

The van will be parked at location for doing COVID testing
The doctor will do crowd management with loudspeaker inside the van
The patients would be following social distance
Patient would be asked to do hand sanitization, put up a mask and wear gloves
Then doctor would explain the patient to give the sample
The doctor will write the patient records inside / outside van
The sample given will be stored in the sample box outside the van

The patient will follow other steps as directed by the doctor

The doctor will then get patient records completed as per guidelines
We all by now are already aware of the pandemic caused by (COVID-19).
With some of the most populous countries in lockdown and businesses forced to work from home or closed operations, healthcare workers are also taking a hit than anticipated.
The samples will be delivered to laboratory by the same van
With the number of active cases & deaths, world have come to a standstill.
The complete procedure will be done without getting patients and doctors in contact with each other

Corona test ambulance: Text

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We can redesign any ambulance as required

Corona test ambulance: About Us
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