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Corporate disinfectant Gudelines

Gide-lines for Corporate park, Offices COVID19 out spread control

Prevailing COVID-19 pandemic business as usual is not possible. There is a delicate balance to be maintained between societal and economic health. And hence, the citizens, organizations and businesses alike should rapidly evolve to a new normal of respecting social distancing.
The Governments of India and Haryana have brought out various guidelines and advisories on the various aspects of the pandemic. Essential services were allowed to go on even with the first phase of the nation-wide lockdown. A few other economic activities have been permitted from 20 April 2020.
Since Gurugram has a unique industrial and workforce mix, owning to its adjacency to Delhi and various NCR cities, the District Administration has decided to go for more stringent measures in a few domains, to safeguard the interests of various stakeholders. All organizations should hence always adopt more stringent measures, in case of any disparity among the Central, State and District Administration guidelines.
Organizations providing essential services (and hence already running) are also expected to align their operations to these guidelines, if not already done.

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Face Mask



Washing Window


Best in class 3M face masks. To ensure safety.

Range of PPE kit to cover whole body surface

ANY Surface will maintain its antimicrobial state for 28 days from COVID-19 and other microbes.

Rubber Gloves

Hand Glove

WhatsApp Image 2020-05-01 at 11.13.39 PM

Contact-less sanitizer dispenser


Temperature Patch

All ranges of hand glove. Also once with anti-microbial surface properties.

Simple leg initiated sanitizer dispensing device.

A simple sticker to be attached on skin - Changes Colour when body temperature rises

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