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Masimo SafetyNet™ Helps to Save Lives at University Hospitals in Cleveland: Fox News Reports

“This device is giving both the patient and their doctor peace of mind.” Fox News reports on the growing use of Masimo SafetyNet around the world to help clinicians fight COVID-19, spotlighting its use at University Hospitals (UH) in Cleveland. UH’s Dr. Peter Pronovost discusses how use of Masimo SafetyNet has already allowed them to catch deteriorating vital signs for several patients monitored at home before it was too late to intervene. And Masimo CEO Joe Kiani describes how Masimo SafetyNet can help reduce demand on hospital beds and PPE by keeping lower acuity patients out of the hospital. Masimo SafetyNet combines hospital-proven tetherless SET® pulse oximetry with a remote patient surveillance platform, for use in low-acuity care spaces and at home under the direction and supervision of a clinician. Watch the video to learn how Masimo SafetyNet is enabling patients and care providers to remain connected from afar during the coronavirus pandemic.

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