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Latest Antimicrobial treatments - for offices and corporate areas that maintains sanitation up-to 28 days

A revolutionary technology having presence across the globe. It is an unique anti microbial surface sanitizer with 99.99% killing rate. It effectively kills - all kinds of Bacteria, Virus, Yeast, Mold & Fungi, It is a Broad Spectrum killer. Trusted product with long durability and higher efficacy rate
Tested by reputed organizations, independent testing laboratories and universities across the globe. Having testimonials and references to speak for.

*per sq.foot charges applicable

In house Disinfectant: Welcome

How Does It Work?

Innovative solution

  • Our team will show up at the location and sanitize your place which could be a office room, conference room or hall. 

  • The molecule forms ionic and covalent associations which bond it to the surface it is targeted to protect, making an antimicrobial layer capable of remaining potent for up to a month from a single application

  • It bonds to the target surface (both hard and fabric surfaces).

  • It can be likened to millions of road spikes that attract and kill bacteria.

  • Because it does not kill by toxicity or poisoning, the organisms cannot adapt to it = No mutation = No superbugs.

  • The result is an antimicrobial that cannot diminish in strength, cannot leave the surface to which it is applied and cannot encourage the organisms that it targets to become used to it.

In house Disinfectant: About

Yes it is Unique

Tests Successfully Against Coronavirus COVID-19

  • A Water based solution (surface sanitizer)

  •  Colourless and odourless

  • Non -toxic

  • Alcohol free product

  • Food safe technology

  • Leaves no residue after application

  • Kills all kinds of microbes physically, does not kill by poisoning

  • Environment friendly technology – no harm to humans & animals

  • Non leaching

  • Can be used for all types of surfaces hard to fabric 

  • One application protects the surface effectively for 30 days !!!

Office Hallway
In house Disinfectant: About Us

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Longevity summary
Longevity summary

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