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Anti Microbial Wall

Solid PVC panels and accessories for interior wall cladding projects

Anti microbial wall: Products

Hospital Facilities

  • Complete cladding solution with color-matched installation profiles or welding rods

  • Multiple colors & surfaces for a variety of design possibilities

  • Excellent for environments with high sanitation requirements

  • Withstands repeated cleaning cycles

  • High impact strength and fire resistance

  • Available with active antimicrobial protection

  • Non-toxic


Hospital Operating Room

Active Antimicrobial Protection technology sets a higher standard for hygienic cladding and facilitates high levels of sanitation.

Active Antimicrobial Protection has either eliminated or inhibited the growth of all the pathogens tested to date, including microorganisms that can affect the appearance of the panel. Since silver ions are uniformly distributed through to the core of the panel, a scratched or damaged surface will be equally effective.

Operation Room

Active Antimicrobial

  • Actively eliminates microbes, bacteria, and fungi

  • Capabilities are proven by independent testing (results supplied upon request)

  • Long-lasting antimicrobial effect is maintained even in worn and scuffed panels

  • Formable: Properties are retained after processing

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